Free portable games!

For some time I know that Portable Apps had some free games, but I never tested them until recently, when I got sick and had a lot of free time. And I tested aaaaaall of them.

Here is a list of my favorite games:

1. 2048

The goal of this game is to create a block with the value 2048. It is not that simple to do. You only start of with blocks with value 2 or 4. By sliding the block with left, up, right and down keys you merge block that have more value. That is all this game is about. Repetitive but fun. There is also some alternative version of 2048 in this app, but I only play the original.

I am not a big card player. I only play this app because it has spider and Windows no longer come wiht spider card game. So this is a free, offline alternative.

This is a rather addictive game. It start off easy but just some levels in this game you will be struggling to survive against the time. The goal is to combine squares patterns of symbols. There is hearts, stars, diamonds and pearls. Try to find symbols that align on the map in a square and klick them to get points and more time. Simple – hard.

A fun game where you push bricks in a certain order to finish the levels. You can pick up and move around some of the bricks to align them in the right order. And some bricks have special abilities, like building bridges, hovering or exploding.

A fun innovative puzzle game about jumping on fragile hexagon shaped floor tiles. It quickly get tricky!

A Super Mario clone about a penguin. Really nice done and fun.