5 games I would like to play

As a fundamental Christian it is not easy finding games I really want to play. There is just to much murder, theft, sorcery, drugs, cursing, blaspheme and sex in today's games. But there are some titles I have an interest in.

Number 1: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

One of the first games I fell in love with as a child. Beautifully remastered version.

Number 2: Samorost 3

Despite being hesitant to some parts of this game I am pretty sure I will like most of the game. I own both Machinarium and Botanicula, previous game made by Amanita Design, and I liked much in these games with some few exceptions.

Number 3: Candle

I love the beautifully hand drawn graphic in this indie game title and that's probably my strongest reason for wanting to play it. The religious theme in the game story I do not like but the puzzles seem innocent enough...

Number 4: The Adventure Pals (not yet released)

It is hard not to fall in love in the cute graphics. There will probably be questionable content but it seem like the game i aimed towards children and family so hopefully there will be no drugs, swearing and sexual content.

Number 5: Super Cane Magic ZERO (not yet released)

Seem to be just a really fun game. We just have to find out...