Evil at E3

In this years E3 some game has given me bad feelings.

Far Cry 5
The story in this game i horrible. It shows all kind of evil committed against Christians in a rural christian community in USA. The marketing of the game is also horrible with a travesty of Leonardo da Vinci famous painting of Jesus and the last supper. The developer also use the words ”amazing grace” in their marketing. But there is no grace in this game....

Super Mario Odyssey
Marios use of a hat to overtake other living individuals/objects and control them gives me bad feelings. I realize that this is an expression of two things: 1) The Buddhist religious worldview that all "living" objects have a soul, 2) That someone possessing other peoples mind/soul and control them is a "good/fun thing". No it is not!

Beyond Good and Evil 2
Thee things made me uncomfortable with this game: 1) This first scene of the trailer indicated bestiality between the female prostitute and the pig, 2) the ”heroes” destroy a police station – they attacked the upholder of law and order, 3) the hero women have almost as big cleavage as the prostitute (in the beginning of the trailer) which sends the message that the hero women is also a prostitute. Perhaps they should scrap "good and" in the title...

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